1984 – Psychiatrie, godsdienst en gezag

1984 – Psychiatrie, godsdienst en gezag. De ontstaansges­chie­denis van de psychiatrie in België als paradigma [Psychiatry, Religion and Authority], Leuven/Amersfoort, Acco, 1984, XVI+298 pp.

This collective book was the output of a research program granted by the Belgian Found for Scientific Research (NFWO) in order to test and deepen Foucault’s views on the origin of psychiatry. It was our first book that used a computer program (IBM’s Script) to have it in print. At that time you just had a terminal and you had to fetch the printout by cycling to the mainframe in the computer center and only one letter-type was available. I am on the way to convert the original Script-files in order to have them here in a more readable presentation.